Hi everyone!

My favourite day of the year is the 24th of Deceimber and that's for numerous amounts of reasons. Firstly, my family always goes out Christmas shopping for last minute presents,the angles are burning, everything is completed and the presents are wrapped and neatly placed under the Christmas tree. But there's another reason too. And that's the feeling you get in your chest when you just know that the best day ever is only a sleep away. Heaps of families spend Christmas Eve differently and I think that's what makes it so cool. So, here's a sum up of all my fave Christmas things this year for 2015. And I also have some majorly exciting news as well! 

1. Festive Cupcakes
2. Strawberry SANTAS
3. Gingerbread houses
4. Christmas t-shirts
5. Zoella Vlogmas
6. Christmas trees
7. DIY gifts
8. Presents
9. Wreaths

Happy birthday to Jesus as well 🙈

By May next year, I will be making YouTube videos for my blog!! I'm so excited and hope you're all looking forward to it as well. You all mean the 🌏 and thanks for your endless support. I am eternally grateful for you all Xo have a lovely lead up to Christmas and I hope you all have a lovely year and I'll see you in January 2016🎉😘