DIY Festive shelves

As Christmas Day nears us, I feel like every part of the house can get festivide (yep,it's a new word) and that also means piano mantelpieces, book shelves, fireplace shelves etc. and most years they get away from being too festive. However, this super simple DIY is pretty damn easy and just looks incredibly festive and jolly. It ticks so many boxes and covers all areas of Christmas. 

What you will need-

~An old chapter book made into a paper tree
~Red,green and yellow(optional) paper
~A rectangle mirror
~A paper hole punch
~7-8 small glass jars/glasses
~a small hug of water
~mini candles or scented candles.
~holly leaves/ivy/ green leaves
~fabric/paper doyleys 

What to do

1. In the centre of your shelve place a rectangular mirror. This is where all your main items shall be placed.

2. Fill some mini glasses /jars with water (about two-thirds) and pop in a single small candle of your choice in each jar. In others place your fresh plants. the candles jars and leave jars in random over your mirror.

4. Now, with your paper Christmas trees place them on top of doyleys to place on the sides of your mirror.

5. Now 
With your coloured paper and hole punch, create as many circles with the paper (essentially like confetti) as you want and then sprinkle them over your mirror . You can also use some golden stars or silver stars if you would like.

6. The next step is to light up to the candles in the glasses and when this happens the comfettu lights up and so does the room, giving you a festive vibe you won't be forgetting any time soon!